David Virtue

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Your order is shipped within 2-4 days if your style and size is in stock, otherwise about 2-4 weeks if the style needs to be made up in your size. Most orders can be rushed if I have a ring in stock to re-size.

Can you rush my order?

Yes, rush service is about 1 week, depending on the style although it may not be possible with some styles.

How do you ship?

I usually ship insured UPS/2 day, but can use FedEx or USPS Priority Mail upon request. UPS and FedEx will not ship to P.O. Boxes. USPS Priority Mail is used for HI and AK. An adult signature is required for UPS delivery because of insurance. If signing is a problem, please consider shipping to a business or to a UPS facility for pick-up.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes. International shipping is through FedEx, $50.00 including insurance. Orders to Canada are $30.00. Customs fees may apply.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex, PayPal and Discover. Personal or bank checks are also accepted.

What is your return policy?

I have a full purchase price refund policy since I realize that ordering online can be a concern. Please call me before returning any ring or jewelry.

How do I know my ring size?

The best way is to go to your local jeweler and ask to be sized. It is best to be sized with a wider ring set if you are considering one of my wider styles. I can make up any ring in 1/4 sizes. I tend to err on the tighter size.

Where or how can I see your designs in person?

I do show my work here in Portsmouth, NH, by appointment. Also, understanding the reluctance to order sight-unseen, I can send you a ring or two to look at before you decide. There is no charge, just a credit card number for security. I send rings that I have in stock so they may or may not be in the size or gold color that you need. Don't worry, even if you order a ring without seeing it in person, it can always be returned for a full refund.

What if the ring is the wrong size, or if the ring is a gift and does not fit?

You may return the ring and I will exchange it at no cost other than a return shipping charge. If I need to resize a ring to a larger size, there may be a charge for the extra gold needed. I can make my rings in 1/4 sizes if needed. Please call or email before returning any item for the correct return address.

What if my Virtue ring was lost or stolen?

To ease a bit of the pain, I do give a 10% discount on any lost or stolen ring that was purchased directly from me. 

Can you set stones into your rings?

Yes, I can set a diamond or other stones into most of my styles. I use VS grade, full-cut, GH color diamonds, from conflict-free sources. I can also reset your diamond or other stone.

What sizes are your optional diamonds?

My .05ct diamond is 1/20th of a carat and is about 3mm in diameter with the bezel. my .10ct diamond is 1/10th of a carat and is about 3.75mm in diameter. I can set most any size diamond in most of my styles.

Do you offer engraving?

I offer engraving at no charge, in 1mm high block letters and 2mm high italic or script. Engraving is limited to 3 or 4 words/date becuase of the space inside a ring.

Do you take "old" gold for credit?

Yes, I do. The credit value would depend on the karat and weight as well as the gold market. I can also re-cast your gold directly into my rings for it's sentimental value, delivery is about 4 weeks and there is an extra charge of $50.00 per ring. The new re-cast rings have to bee the same karat and color as your old rings.

What is the difference between 14K and 18K gold?

14K gold has about 58% pure gold [24K is pure gold] and 18K gold has about 75% pure gold. The remaining percentage is a mixture of alloys which determine the color of the gold, ie: yellow, white, rose and green. Since 18K yellow gold has more pure gold in it, it is a brighter, more yellow color than 14K yellow gold. 18K is also more dense and therefore costs more than 14K gold. 18K gold is a bit softer than 14K gold but is fine for everyday use.

What is the difference between 14K white gold and platinum?

14K white gold is a warmer white color than platinum, which is a cool white. Platinum is about twice as heavy per ounce than gold. Platinum is more dense than white gold. I do not rhodium plate my 14K white rings.

Do you work in palladium?

I can make up my rings in 14K palladium white gold, it has more of the cool white color of platinum but is more expensive than 14K white gold, usually about 30% extra. Palladium gold is good for people who are alergic to the nickel in regular 14K white gold.

What about the darkened background on your rings?

I apply a chemical oxidation to the background of my rings and pendants, to accentuate the design. This is just a surface treatment and may change over time as a ring gets it’s patina. The darkness depends on the wearer's soaps, body chemistry, etc.. Delivered rings might not look like the images on my website, white gold is especially hard to chemically darken and may be lighter. Unless requested, I usually don’t darken my 2 color and platinum rings to show off the colors of the metals.

What are the widths of your rings?

My ring widths are described for each style in my Shopping pages. Please email me for the widths of rings not on my online sales but shown in my brochure.

What about the tapering of your rings?

Most of my rings taper towards the back for comfort and sizing. The design goes about 2/3rds of the way around. The blank area in the back is useful for future resizings. If the size is correct the design should remain on the top of your finger.

What about your "Custom Work"?

Most of the custom work that I do is modifications to my existing designs, adding a sailboat, moon or other symbol to a ring. The sailboat is $85.00 exrtra when added to my style 138 or 144 rings. I may be able to change the width of some styles. I also can create custom inserts for my 2 color styles as long as the design is not too intricate.